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"There are only three Sports: Motor Racing, Bullfighting, and Mountain Climbing. All the rest are games. – Hemingway“
The first anniversary memorial trip for John Zazzara - Saturday, June 24th 2006 - Mt. McLoughlin
Mt. McLoughlin Trailhead
Five min VIDEO by Marerk Damm
Izabella Damm, Marek R. Damm, Anna W. Kneitel, Peter J. Apostolakis, Michael Gross
Photos by Marek Damm
John’s Memorial
Photos by Peter Apostolakis
Peter J. Apostolakis
Izabella Damm
Marek R. Damm
Michael Gross
Louie Hernandez
Anna W. Kneitel
Anthony Lawrence
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Big "Z" - Climbing Resume
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John Zazzara, A Passionate Mountain Samurai
Marek Damm

Originally prepared for the Memorial Ceremony

The Search for John Zazzara
Mountaineer Lost on Mt.
Photo: Marek R. Damm - Oregon National Guard Black Hawk helicopter
Photo: Marek R. Damm

Marek Damm’s personal account of his search for John Zazzara

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Links and Posts Related to Search for John Zazzara
News, search reports, and various messages covered by and posted at NewsWatch 12,, and
Phot: Marek R. Damm - Catherine Cook (NewsWatch 12 reporter)
Photo: Marek R. Damm
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Mountaineering Destinations: South America Andinismo
Written by John Zazzara November, 2001
- The vast 6000 mile long range of the Andes cuts through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina like the prow of some huge ship. All of our domestic mountain ranges strung out end to end would not amount to half of the Andes. It offers climbing higher and more challenging than anything in the continental states...
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Courtesy: Nenette Evans
Courtesy: Nenette Evans
John Zazzara climbing in South America Click here for more pictures...
Photo: Marek R. Damm - Roxanne Zazzara, John’s daughter
Photo: Marek R. Damm
Memorial Service
July 30, 2005 at Lima Family Santa Clara Mortuary, California

Roxanne Zazzara, John’s daughter
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Photo: Marek R. Damm - Search & Rescue Team
Photo: Marek R. Damm
Klamath County Sheriff's Search & Rescue Team, Jackson County's Team, and Lane County High Angle Team
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John Zazzara's Ice Climbing and Mountaineering Trips
Photo: Marek R. Damm - John Zazzara
Photo: Marek R. Damm
Where had he gone?
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John - you are not forgotten
Photo: Marek R. Damm - Mt. McLoughlin, the place of John Zazzara's last rest
Photo: Marek R. Damm
The anniversary trips
Photo by Adam Cherry (Herald and News) - Mt. McLoughlin Memorial for John Zazzara
Photo: Adam Cherry-Herald and News reporter

The First Trip
to Mt. McLoughlin
in Memory of John Zazzara
Saturday, July 09, 2005
Photo: Marek R. Damm - Mt. McLoughlin, the place of John Zazzara's last rest
Photo: Marek R. Damm

This trip was scheduled by John Zazzara before he died, and organized by John’s friend Tony Cruz

PARTICIPANTS: Adam Cherry (Herald and News reporter), Catherine Cook (NewsWatch 12 abc reporter), Tony Cruz, Izabella Damm (Marek’s wife), Marek Damm, and Dennis Hiipakka
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Photo: Marek R. Damm - Columbia Crest (Mt. Rainier - 14,410 feet)
Photo: Marek R. Damm
A few days after the first Memorial Trip to Mt. McLoughlin, Marek Damm climbed Mt. Rainier with a picture of his friend and climbing partner John Zazzara. Damm signed the summit book with the entry: “Marek Damm and the spirit of John Zazzara”, as climbing partners.
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