John Zazzara's Ice Climbing and Mountaineering Trips
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Big "Z" - Climbing Resume

John Zazzara
Domestic and International - A list of mountains John Zazzara had conquered.

Courtesy: Linda Zazzara

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Video Clips

Marek R. Damm
John Zazzara, A Passionate Mountain Samurai - Originally a PowerPoint presentation prepared for the Memorial Ceremony - July 30, 2005.

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Mountain Climbing Pictures

Tony Cruz
Lee Vining Canyon, California - Ice climbing (frozen waterfalls).

Participants: Tony Cruz, Marek Damm, Michael Gross, John Zazzara

Peter Apostolakis
North Peak Couloir, California - One of the last John’s trips to the Sierra, California--North Peak Couloir was one of John's favorite ice climbing adventures.

Participants: Charles Alexander, Peter Apostolakis, Marek Damm, Michael Gross, John Zazzara

Michael Gross
The Flume Gorge in Franconia Notch, New Hampshire - Pictures of John Zazzara climbing frozen waterfall, John looks tired but very happy.

Nenette Evans
South America - Various pictures from trips to South America.

Marek R. Damm
John Zazzara - John Zazzara in Lee Vining Canyon Area, Lee Vining, CA. Zazzara, Mountain Climber

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Mountaineering Trip Reports

John Zazzara
White Pass Washington ice climbing on clear creek falls - Sunday Jan 11th Charles Alexander and I went to White Pass (Actually went up the nite before and crashed in the Ski resort RV parking lot) to explore ice conditions at clear creek falls. Clear creek runs out of Dog lake, 2.2 miles east of the white pass...

Participants: Charles Alexander, John Zazzara

John Zazzara
Avenue Of The Volcanoes - Ice climbing on the Equator (Ecuador) - During the period of December 19th thru January 12th I traveled to Quito to try some of the peaks that had tantalized me on my previous climbs in 1996. The plan was to team up with my friend and Guide from Bolivia, Yossi Brain...

Participants: Yossi Brain, Ray, John Zazzara

Ron Karpel
North Peak Left Couloir - John Zazzara and I set up to climb the left couloir on North Peak. We hiked in from Saddlebag Lake trailhead Saturday afternoon and camped by Cascade Lake. Sunday morning was foggy but dry. We climbed the 1000 ft slope west of the lake to the base of the couloir. There is an excellent view of all 3 couloir from this point. We roped up at the base of the left couloir (the steepest of the 3) and John start leading

Participants: Ron Karpel, John Zazzara

Tony Cruz
Mount Williamson - At about 3 p.m. on Thursday June 20, the Summer Solstice, I drove to the Fremont Bart station and picked up Eddie Sudol. We proceeded to the town of Hilmar in the Great Valley and collected Dennis Hiipakka... At the saddle we met another climber, John [Zazzara], to whom I had spoken on the phone a few weeks ago. He is collecting 14ers and intended to summit both Williamson and Tyndall on this trip...

Participants: Tony Cruz, Dennis Hiipakka, Eddie Sudol, John Zazzara
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