In Memory of John Zazzara
Additional Information

My condolences to John Zazzara’s family and friends - Marek R. Damm

I would like to thank anyone who was involved in the search for my best friend and climbing partner, the strongest climber I have ever met, and a great mountain samurai, who died with honor on the battle field.

If you were involved in the search for John Zazzara, email me your name, the form of involvement (did not have to be actively searching), and, perhaps, a picture of you. It is important to show how a great number of people were involved in the search, who loved him, who liked him, who knew him, who heard about him. Anyone who wanted to help him.

I invite everyone who would like to honor John Zazzara to the anniversary trip in his memory to Mt. McLoughlin that will be held every year on the day I found John. I will show you the place of his rest.

If you have any pictures or stories related to John, please email me this material and I will post it on this website. I would like the whole world to be familiar with John and know how wonderful a person, friend, and mountaineer John Zazzara was. I would like him to be present among us.

I will be frequently updating this website with new information, so come back from time to time.

Pal of John's
Marek Rudolf Damm

30 of June, 2005