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Pacific Northwest (WA, OR) - Rogue Valley SAR looking for info on John Zazzarra
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 Author  Topic:  Rogue Valley SAR looking for info on John Zazzarra
 Arun Mahajan
 [member info]
   posted  2005-06-20 23:12:26     Reply to This Topic


This is Arun Mahajan in Palo Alto, California. One of my climbing friends from a long time ago, John Zazzara, who now lives
in Oregon has not returned back from a climb since the 11th
of June. The Rogue SAR has been searching very hard for John
and word got around to some of my climbing friends here in California about all this and that is how we found out and we have been corresponding with a volunteer from Rogue Valley Search and Rescue who is trying to locate John Zazzara.

Ernie (the SAR volunteer) hopes to find climbers who know
John and who may be able to provide information regarding
John's plans last week in the vicinity of Mt McLoughlin, Oregon.

If you know John, you may have other information that
would be useful to SAR, so please don't be shy about
contacting Ernie directly at

John Zazzara is missing since last Sunday. Here are some links
from the internet about the incident. They are interested in learning more about John, so if you know anything else, or anyone else who might provide more infor, please let Ernie know.


Arun Mahajan (

 Faraway Ern
 [member info]
   posted  2005-06-21 13:15:07     Reply to This Topic

Thanks for putting the message on the board, Arun. If anyone knows what John meant by "an interesting reverse cantilever that is very rare," please contact me immediately. We've got a mountain rescue team from Lane Co. and Crater Lake team, as well as one of John's friends from Yosemite, doing the top and looking for John. We think we might know what he was referring to, but...not certain. Please respond if you have any info about what he was discussing with another friend.

Also, if you were one of the two climbers who was up on Mt. McLoughlin, on the 11th or 12th, and believe you saw John Zazzara, please contact me, as well. We're trying to make each and every clue--No matter how small--mean something in this search for this guy.

Rogue Valley SAR

 [member info]
   posted  2005-06-21 17:33:37     Reply to This Topic

any news? have they found him yet?

 Faraway Ern
 [member info]
   posted  2005-06-21 19:14:51     Reply to This Topic

Nothing, as yet. A good turnout of mountain rescue was on the top, as well as others who have hiked up and are looking the mountain over. Just be careful, for we don't want anyone to have an accident. Be sure and log in at the Reg. all times. Thanks much for your concerns.

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