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General - john zazzara missing-technical climbers needed
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 Author  Topic:  john zazzara missing-technical climbers needed
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   posted  2005-06-19 13:34:45     Reply to This Topic

Please contact Peter Zazzara now at trailhead-weather clearing search again Sunday-TECHNICAL CLIMBERS NEEDED-contact Peter, John's brother-Mt McLoughlin 949-295-9145-leave message if unable to reach-thanks again for all your support-forgot to mention that John Zazzara's stories are on the web.-

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   posted  2005-06-19 14:25:15     Reply to This Topic

I realize you are very distraught and worried about Peter. I pray for his safe return...

But slow down...hold up for a second. Tell us all what happened in ONE thread, in full sentences. Send us links to the websites with news. It may help us all better, or at least those in the general area.

Please keep us all updated. Keep the faith and pray if it makes you feel better.


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   posted  2005-06-20 04:36:47     Reply to This Topic

here's the article. most newspapers support their websites by drowning you in pop-ups -- no particular propaganda involved, just capitalism at work.

Search for Beaverton man suspended on Mount McLoughlin news sources
Posted: Saturday, June 18, 2005 10:30 AM

After two days of exhaustive efforts, the Klamath County Sheriff's Office, assisted by the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, has suspended the search for John V. Zazzara, 54, of Beaverton. Searchers closed down the search command post at the trailhead at dusk Friday night and Zazzara's vehicle was removed from the parking lot.
Zazzara is thought to have been on Mt. McLoughlin since Sunday, June 12th after going for a "day climb". He was reported missing to authorities Thursday at approximately 10:00 A.M.

The sheriff's office also received assistance Friday evening in the form of a Blackhawk helicopter, based out of Salem with the Oregon Army National Guard's Military Air Rescue Team.

Approximately 30 searchers on foot, horseback and with search dogs over two days looked for Zazzara. A fixed wing aircraft was also used on Thursday.

A great deal of area was searched and eliminated without finding the missing man. The 9,495-foot summit of the mountain has continued to be elusive visually for the searchers in the two aircraft as well as those on foot. The summit has remained shrouded in clouds and blowing snow since the search began.

The weather forecasted for the next several days is not showing much promise of improving conditions. The search was suspended after weighing the risk to the search personnel against the increasingly narrow probability of the missing person's survival.

Efforts to find Zazzara may be continued over the next couple of weeks as conditions and accessibility to the mountain's summit improve.

Sheriff Evinger said this evening; "It is very difficult to make the decision to scale back any search before a missing person has been found. In this instance, little is known about the man's intended whereabouts and how he was prepared for his outing". Evinger continued, "In this case, time and conditions were not in our favor".

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   posted  2005-06-20 19:21:23     Reply to This Topic


try also posting this on the 'Pacific NW' message board of SP, as well as under, if you haven't already. Good luck & I wish him a safe return.

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