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General - Shredder, thank you
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 Author  Topic:  Shredder, thank you
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   posted  2005-06-21 08:22:33     Reply to This Topic

Shredder, we all want to thank you for helping search for John. I'm at a loss for words at the moment, but you have to know how much your efforts mean to our family.
Very Sincerely, the Zazzara family

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   posted  2005-06-21 08:58:59     Reply to This Topic

Good on you shredder.

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   posted  2005-06-21 19:41:00     Reply to This Topic

Yeah, kudos to Shredder!

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   posted  2005-06-21 19:42:40     Reply to This Topic

email me a postal address shredder - I wanna send you your gas money.

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   posted  2005-06-21 21:04:20     Reply to This Topic

Thanks guys but the real thumbs up should go to the SAR crew who have been putting their lives on the line during this last week.

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   posted  2005-06-21 23:46:49     Reply to This Topic

Right on Shredder!

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   posted  2005-06-22 02:33:50     Reply to This Topic

This doesn't surprise me at all - one of the nicest guys I ever met.

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   posted  2005-06-22 03:06:03     Reply to This Topic

Sorry for my ignorance regarding this issue but how have things wound up? I was on McLoughlin last month. It is not good to hear of someone missing. Nice to know people like shredder are out there....

 Nelson Chenkin
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   posted  2005-06-22 08:57:18     Reply to This Topic

Hats off to you, shredder.

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   posted  2005-06-22 17:30:08     Reply to This Topic

it's nice to see there are still selfless people out there who are willing to lend a helping hand when needed..
big thumbs up.

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   posted  2005-06-26 07:33:02     Reply to This Topic

Atta-boy, shredder

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   posted  2005-06-26 14:17:20     Reply to This Topic

Way to go chief

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   posted  2005-06-26 14:29:06     Reply to This Topic

good job, man.....

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   posted  2005-06-26 18:12:15     Reply to This Topic


 Don Nelsen
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   posted  2005-06-27 20:32:07     Reply to This Topic

Thanks for the trip report about your trek up to McLoughlin to search for John Zazzara. Talk about trying to find a needle in a haystack! You are a great guy, Russ, and thank you for your effort to try to find one of our own.

The paper said John was found below a snowfield on the SW slope. That doesn't sound right since the cliffs and rocks are all on the north side. Do you know any more details?


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   posted  2005-06-28 15:25:45     Reply to This Topic

Thanks from one human to another for doing something meaningful & selfless like that, Russ. Sad to hear the results, but you did a good thing.

Sorry we didn't get a chance to get a beer on the way back from Mt. Shasta in March, but we just didn't have any time. Hopefully the next time I'm up that way.


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