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General - Missing hiker found....
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 Author  Topic:  Missing hiker found....
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   posted  2005-06-24 21:11:44     Reply to This Topic

They found our brother today, not SAR, but a friend who wouldn't give up searching when SAR did. He died on Mt. Mcloughlin from a head injury and possibly exposure. He was very experienced and on a routine day hike. Please be careful and always tell someone where you are going. We are very, very sad. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
The Zazzara family.

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   posted  2005-06-24 21:42:03     Reply to This Topic

I'm very sorry to hear about your loss.

 Bob Burd
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   posted  2005-06-24 21:43:28     Reply to This Topic

So sorry to hear about this. I'm going to start leaving more detailed route information starting on my next outing. I have no excuse for not doing so and would hate to have my loved ones posting the same warning we hear so many times. My prayers are with your family.

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   posted  2005-06-24 21:48:49     Reply to This Topic

Bob, if one thing has come from this, it is what you just wrote. Thank you for your prayers.

 Bryan W
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   posted  2005-06-24 23:12:48     Reply to This Topic

Very sorry to here about this development. I am very very sorry for your lose. I hope that this will raise awareness and everybody will leave detailed information when they head to the back country. Even better, take a partner. Hopefully this may save a life or limp for someone else.

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   posted  2005-06-25 10:08:02     Reply to This Topic

Zazzara, my heartfelt condolences to you and your family, and my deep admiration for your persistent efforts to locate your brother.

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   posted  2005-06-25 10:33:19     Reply to This Topic

Rest in peace to your brother. This could have happened to any one of us.

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   posted  2005-06-25 11:16:19    (edited 2005-06-30 00:06:51)  Reply to This Topic

My condolences. May he R.I.P.

 Nelson Chenkin
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   posted  2005-06-25 11:39:00     Reply to This Topic

Sorry to hear about this outcome, Zazzara. Condolences to you and your family.

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   posted  2005-06-25 16:25:31     Reply to This Topic

Sorry to hear that. It's very unfortunate. My condolences

 Aaron Johnson
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   posted  2005-06-25 21:00:47     Reply to This Topic

How sad. I'm deeply affected by your loss. Peace be with you in this difficult time. May your brother's passing count for something in everyone's safety awareness from now on.

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   posted  2005-06-25 21:16:37     Reply to This Topic


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   posted  2005-06-25 22:59:37     Reply to This Topic

Heartfelt condolences to the family. I am happy to know that John has come home to the ones who love him. May we all have family who love us as John's family loves him.

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   posted  2005-06-26 00:39:29     Reply to This Topic

Some local folks here in the south SF bay area have regaled me with stories of John's exploits, and I've read something of him on Rest in peace sir.

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   posted  2005-06-26 01:23:17     Reply to This Topic

I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. I have no words to make you feel better. Please believe he has gone on to better things.

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   posted  2005-06-26 01:25:58     Reply to This Topic

sorry to hear.... i read all the stories, and kept up with the news... sorry to hear a bad ending...... remember though, now he is free to climb whatever he wants....

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   posted  2005-06-26 09:08:48     Reply to This Topic

Shredder, John is home only because of selfless people like yourself. Thank you. You will always be in our prayers.
Be safe.

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   posted  2005-06-26 10:48:16     Reply to This Topic

My condolences to all of you. Very sad to hear.

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   posted  2005-06-26 18:10:56     Reply to This Topic

I'm sorry for your loss. I'll pray for you and your family.

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   posted  2005-06-26 19:36:53     Reply to This Topic

I was an ice/alpine climbing partner of John's. The man was an expert climber whos range of knowledge and abilities I respected more than anyone I have climbed with. John was an amazing climber and a hell of a guy. He had that spark of life that is rare. I'll miss the crazy old bastard.
Laura Freeman

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