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General - Missing hiker found....
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 Author  Topic:  Missing hiker found....
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   posted  2005-06-26 21:36:29     Reply to This Topic

To John's family, we of the Klamath County Sheriff's Search & Rescue Team, as well as, the members of Jackson County's Team & the Lane County High Angle Team, all wish to pass on our feelings of saddness to you all.

The worst part of being on a Search & Rescue Team is having to go from rescue mode to recovery mode. We want more than any other person to have every call out a short and successful one. But we really don't want to quit our search until all reasonable likely events are explored in depth.

In John's case, after 2 full days with over 40 searchers working all kinds of leads, we took a break. When we started again it was to re-check several grey areas of concern.

On Wednesday, Marek Damm arrived on the scene. We answered many, many questions from this very experienced climber, & on that Wednesday afternoon, Marek started his own personal search for John.

Marek found John mid-afternoon on the south-west slope of Mt. McLoughlin, at the end of a snow field. With Marek's directions, a Team from Klamath County with assistance from Lane County reached John and was able to send John home to all of you, his family.

You are very fortunate to have a fellow climber like Marek Damm who used his expertise (climbing) to seek out John.
Please know the our whole volunteer organization was proud in doing our part in getting John home.

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   posted  2005-06-28 17:32:57     Reply to This Topic

Just wanted you all to know... the autopsy results came back today on John Zazzara. He died of a massive heart attack, not as a result of the fall, in fact the heart attack caused the fall. I suppose it's how he would have wanted it.
Thanks again for all the support and condolences.

 The Lower Marmot
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   posted  2005-06-28 18:12:15     Reply to This Topic

My deepest condolences to the Zazzara family.

I am glad to hear that the heart attack happened while climbing rather than while sitting at work or driving in traffic or some other mundane, joyless task. He was where I'm sure he would have liked to have been--enjoying the mountains.

 Aaron Johnson
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   posted  2005-06-28 18:15:39     Reply to This Topic

Agree with Lower Marmot. This is how I would hope to go as well, climbing or just being in the mountains.

Again my deepest sympathies in the pasing of your brother John.

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   posted  2005-06-28 18:48:06     Reply to This Topic

My deepest condolences. Your family & John will be in my prayers.

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   posted  2005-06-28 18:48:59     Reply to This Topic

Heartfelt sympathy to you, your family and to those that know John.

In reading some of his articles I have come to the thought that I miss someone who I have never met or known.

May he be at peace.

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   posted  2005-06-28 20:07:46     Reply to This Topic

My condolences I am very sorry for yours and your families loss

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   posted  2005-06-28 21:10:19     Reply to This Topic

My wife and I were neighbors of John when he lived in southeast San Jose. John was a very gentle soul who was one of the most friendly and helpful people I will ever meet. We are greatly saddened by his death and will always remember his kindness. Please accept our condolences.

 Arun Mahajan
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   posted  2005-06-29 02:25:57     Reply to This Topic

The Zazzara family,

Please accept my heartfelt condolences. And if you are reading this Marek, hats off to you for searching for John. You are a true friend.
I have hiked and climbed with John, just as several of my friends from the Peak Climbing Section, a small climbing group in the Bay Area. I met John the very first time, at the 12000+ ft campsite on the top of Shepherd's PAss in the eastern Sierra in June 1996. John was soloing Williamson the next day, also our objective. The next day, John was off like a rocket and he was on his way down as we were going up. So, it was a great coincidence that 2 Sundays ago, after having returned from a climb of Mt Tyndall, ALSO at Shepherd's Pass, my only visit there since that time in 1996, that I first read about John being missing and I felt really depressed. All of us here kept hoping against hope that there would be a miracle. After meeting John on Williamson in 1996, over all these years, I have had the good fortune to climb Pilot Knob, Brokeoff Mountain and do some ice climbing at Lee Vining with him. I will stress here that John was a very safe climber. He was also a great guy. It was impossible to not like him. Once he visited the Bay Area in the winter, via his work and had a weekend free, so he contacted some of us and we all went ice climbing and after day-1 of climbing, he took us all to this remote hot-spring in the hills near Bridgeport. It was a gas. Here we all were, shivering from the cold, looking under headlamps for that hot spring. But we found it and had a great time. Many stories to tell and remember John by. Thanks for all the memories, John. You were a great mountaineer. Rest in peace.

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   posted  2005-06-29 04:21:28    (edited 2005-06-29 04:53:25)  Reply to This Topic

It's obvious from what I've read here that John touched many peoples lives in a very positive way and even though I didn't know him, I can't help feeling that the world is at a loss because of his passing. My sincere condolences to the Zazzara family and John's many friends. I know you'll have many happy memories to sustain you when the going gets tough.
Hats off to Shredder and all those who helped in the search.
Rest in peace.

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   posted  2005-06-29 13:42:05     Reply to This Topic

My deepest sympathy to John's family and friends.

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   posted  2005-06-30 13:17:56     Reply to This Topic

i too will echo what bob burd wrote. i've already made it a point this summer to leave a detailed intinerary with loved ones and to make sure they know where i'm headed, even if it is out for a small dayhike.

my condolences.

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   posted  2005-06-30 13:31:17     Reply to This Topic

Speaking also in the name of the Italian SP contingent, I express my deepest condolences to John's family.

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   posted  2005-06-30 13:33:33     Reply to This Topic

Sorry to hear about your loss. May peace be with you.

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   posted  2005-07-06 20:24:33     Reply to This Topic

Thank you for your posting. It means alot to hear these stories. As someone posted earlier, now he can climb any mountain he wants. No gear needed.
Very Sincerely,
The Zazzara Family

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