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General - John Zazzara
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 Author  Topic:  John Zazzara
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   posted  2005-07-03 20:46:41     Reply to This Topic

Marek and I searched together for John.

Here is my account which is actually linked from Mareks' site.

Thank you to everyone who supported us.

You may find more info if you like by googling "John Zazzara".

It was a double edged sword to find out that John had
heart trouble and probably suffered a "major attack" on
the mountain.

I would like to let this be a postive icon in our climbing as
we in America are aging...inlcuding we mountaineers...
So..if you are over 50...get a full checkup and if any signs
of heart arrythmia...get it checked further/.

Richard, a 50+ "39 year old" :-)

 Aaron Johnson
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   posted  2005-07-04 17:52:52     Reply to This Topic

Richard-Thank you so much.

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   posted  2005-07-04 23:34:03     Reply to This Topic

Did you climb with john?


 Cy Kaicener
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   posted  2005-07-05 12:10:19     Reply to This Topic

Thanks guys. I am a young 68 year old and have found that you can keep free of heart problems if you hike at least 20 miles a week and gain over 10,000 ft of elevation gain. The problem a lot of people have is that they lay off for too long, and then do a strenuous hike or climb. If you have had any heart problems in the past, it pays to check with a doctor first.

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   posted  2005-07-26 16:51:04     Reply to This Topic

Here are pics of a recent ice trip with John, he wanted to get down to Lee Vining after this but it may have been the last ice trip:

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